Reinventing the New York Italian Restaurant
Dining Experience in Little Italy

Conceived by a Mulberry
street local that was motivated
to push the boundaries of a
historic block that is in search
of its reinvention. 

Bringing Back Fresh Pasta
to Mulberry Street

Mulberry Street was once a
marketplace where the freshest
ingredients and products were
showcased. We’re bringing back
what Mulberry Street was all
about by sourcing local produce
and hand rolling all of our pastas

Wood-Fired Brick Oven
Italian Pizza

The showcase of our open
kitchen & the basis of our menu,
our wood-fired oven emphasizes
the rustic authenticity that makes
us Gelso & Grand.


Gelso & Grand is situated at the iconic corner of Mulberry & Grand Street. The inviting and informal seating plan of the indoor, outdoor and private dining room boasts the marriage of modern and classic New York dining with esteemed consulting chef Akhtar Nawab (La Esquina, CraftBar, Indie Fresh) at the helm of this inviting culinary experience.